Son Pleads Guilty, Father Awaiting Trial In Sex Abuse Of 7-Year-Old Girl


TEXARKANA, Texas–A 22-year-old man accused of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl as his father looked on has pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault in Bowie County.

Hayden David Fant pleaded guilty on Friday and received a 10-year term of deferred adjudication probation, court records show. Documents related to Hayden Fant’s plea indicate that he will be required to register as a sex offender for life.

If Hayden Fant successfully completes deferred adjudication probation, he will not have a final felony conviction on his record, however, if he fails on probation, he could receive up to 10 years in prison.

A charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14 remains pending against David Fant. If convicted of that charge, he faces 25 to 99 years or life in prison and there is no parole possible from any sentence imposed.

David Fant is currently set for trial in mid-November.

According to a probable cause affidavit, David Fant, aka “Captain,” sat in a chair and watched as his son sexually abused a 7-year-old girl when she visited their home during summer and spring breaks in Texarkana, Texas, beginning in 2018 and ending in March 2020. David Fant allegedly directed the game.

The girl allegedly made an outcry of sexual abuse to her parents in May 2020 and law enforcement was contacted. The girl reported that David Fant and Hayden Fant taught her to play a “secret baby touching game.”

“She stated that when the game starts, she has to put in the password on the wall and push a button that says ‘done.’ She stated that the password is 1226 and then she has to put a handprint on the wall.She stated this is pretend so the game is a secret and demonstrated this,” the affidavit states.

The alleged victim reported that “Captain” sits in a chair and watches her and Hayden Fant play the game on the floor of the den. David Fant allegedly gave directions to stop and start the game.

The girl allegedly said David Fant and Hayden Fant will not give her candy if she does not play the game.

Both father and son have been free on bonds of $200,000 since their arrests in 2020.

Hayden Fant is represented by Texarkana lawyer John Pickett. David Fant is represented by Longview, Texas, attorney Jason Cassel.

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