12-year-old arrested for multiple smash and grab burglaries


Texarkana Texas Police have arrested a twelve year old boy for four burglaries.

According to police within a 24 hour period earlier this week, Texarkana had four “smash and grab” burglaries at area cell phone businesses in the middle of the night.

About 1:00 on Wednesday morning, Officers Mitchell Page and Shawn Jacobs stopped the boy as he rode his bike on Richmond Road about half a mile from the cell phone store. This was not long after one of the burglaries had been discovered. At that time, there was no evidence that linked him back to the burglary so they issued him a citation for violating the juvenile curfew and called his mother to come pick him up.

When Detectives James Hargrave and Warren Smith were able to get the surveillance video from the store manager later that day, they immediately recognized the subject as the same one that the officers had talked to overnight. They were able to get warrants for him and arrested him yesterday.

Detectives believe that he may be involved in other burglaries and there may ultimately be more charges files against him in the coming days.

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