911 Call Solves Vehicle Burglaries, Vehicle Theft, and Apartment Burglary


Someone called 911 to report a suspicious person looking in cars in their neighborhood and it wound up solving two vehicle burglaries, a vehicle theft, and a burglary of someone’s apartment – all of which were seemingly unrelated.

Officer Thomas Shaddix arrested 21 year old Antwuan Campbell yesterday morning after finding him sitting in a SUV in the drive way at a house on Columbine Street. He tried to tell police that the car he was in belonged to his brother and it was his aunt’s house. Unfortunately for him, his lies started to quickly fall apart when the guy who actually did live there said that he had no idea who Campbell was and certainly had no business in his vehicle. Police found a couple cell phones, a charger, and a lot of change in his pockets when we arrested him.

Meanwhile, Officer Jennifer Hargrave answered a call at a nearby apartment complex where someone’s car had been broken into and noticed a vehicle that had been reported stolen from a house on W. 11th Street a couple hours before parked there. When she looked at the surveillance video from the apartment complex, she saw Campbell getting out of the stolen vehicle and then breaking into the other one.

Then police got yet another call where a burglary was reported when the victim came home to find her apartment on W. 12th Street ransacked and several items missing – including a television and 22 Rice Crispy Treats that were all apparently eaten by Campbell while he sat outside behind the apartment.

Ordinarily, vehicle burglaries are misdemeanors but Campbell’s charges were upgraded because he’d just been convicted of multiple charges of Vehicle Burglary back in December. He’s sitting in the Bi-State Jail now, charged with two counts of Burglary of a Vehicle, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, and Burglary of a Habitation. His bond is set at $75,000.

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