Lawsuit Blames Dog Deaths On Tainted Pet Food From Mount Pleasant Plant


TEXARKANA, Texas–A federal lawsuit launched recently in Texarkana accuses Mount Pleasant, Texas-based Mid-America Pet Food LLC of causing the deaths of beloved pets and sickening their humans with kibble tainted by Salmonella bacteria.

Courtney Andersen of Utah allegedly bought a number of bags of Mid-America pet food sold under the Member’s Mark brand at Sam’s Club during 2022 and 2023, according to a class action complaint filed in the Texarkana Division of the Eastern District of Texas. Andersen’s dog Spike became extremely ill after eating the food and was euthanized on her vet’s recommendation in mid-November, according to the complaint.

Lisa Burmeister of Nevada allegedly bought bags of Mid-America pet food sold under the Victor Super Premium Dog Food brand through Amazon from November 2022 to October. Burmeister fed the food to her five-year-old mastiff, Rain Mae. In mid-October Rain Mae became sick and was eventually euthanized under a vet’s care. After the family dog’s death, Burmeister reportedly received a recall notice from Amazon informing her that she had bought tainted pet food.

Burmeister alleges that she and her son both became ill at around the same time as their dog with symptoms including stomach pain, burning and loss of appetite. The complaint notes that people who come into contact with the tainted food or who touch surfaces which have come into contact with it, are at risk for salmonella poisoning along with their pets.

Mid-America issued recalls this year on Sept. 3, Oct. 30 and Nov. 9 for certain brands it produced including Victor Super Premium Dog Food, Hi-Pro Plus, Wayne Feeds Dog Food, Eagle Mountain Pet Food and some Member’s Mark varieties, according to the complaint. On the same day as the Nov. 9 recall, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control “and state partners,” announced an investigation into seven human cases of Salmonella infection potentially associated with pet food made by Mid America, the complaint states.

“Six of seven cases reported were in children one year of age or younger,” the complaint said. “Five of these cases reported exposure to dogs and three reported feeding Victor pet food to their pets. Illnesses started on dates ranging from January 14, 2023, to August 19, 2023. One person was hospitalized, and no deaths had been reported.”

The lawsuit is seeking certification as a national class action that would include anyone in the U.S. who bought one of the products that were recalled this year as potentially eligible to receive damages from Mid-America.

The complaint further seeks certification of a Utah class action that would include anyone in that state who bought recalled pet food and certification of a Nevada class action that would include anyone in that state who bought recalled pet food.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by Henderson, Texas, lawyer Greg Love of Steckler Wayne & Love, Jeffrey S. Goldenberg of Ohio firm Goldenberg Schneider LPA and Charles E. Schaffer of Pennsylvania firm Levin Sedran & Berman LLP.

Mid-America has not yet filed a response to the complaint.

A full list of the dog and cat food products produced by Mid-America that were recalled this year can be found here.

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