Man accused of molesting young girl charged with sexual assault in Miller County


A man who allegedly molested a young girl in May is facing a sexual assault charge in Miller County.

Andrew Glen McWilliams, 26, is accused of inappropriately touching the daughter of a woman he was dating, a probable cause document states.

A local elementary school teacher contacted law enforcement the morning of May 6. The teacher reported that a female student claimed McWilliams had pulled his pants down the night before and “told her to kiss it.”

The girl allegedly reported that McWilliams had touched and “poked” her and that he told her he could “poke her private spot because he is an adult.”

McWilliams is currently free on a $60,000 bond and is ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim.

If convicted of sexual assault, McWilliams could receive 5 to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $15,000.

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