Man Arrested With Long Knife At New Boston PD Allegedly Wanted ‘Chief’s Head’


NEW BOSTON, Texas–A man who allegedly brandished a 25-inch knife and said he was there for “the chief’s head” while in the parking lot of the New Boston Police Dept. earlier this month is facing multiple felony charges.

Jose Luis Martinez, 44, reportedly showed up at the station after 6:30 p.m. the evening of Dec. 21 and was seen by the 911 dispatcher on duty entering the building while she was on a call. Martinez left after a few minutes and the dispatcher went to the parking lot where he was bent over next to a Toyota pickup, according to a probable cause affidavit. After being asked if he needed help, Martinez allegedly pulled the long knife from behind his back and told the dispatcher, “I’m here for the chief’s head.”

The dispatcher allowed a secure door she had been propping open with her foot to close so that Martinez could not get inside but inadvertently locked herself out. The dispatcher told Martinez that she was going to call the chief from a radio in a parked patrol car and he allegedly began advancing toward her while waving the weapon above his head and screaming, “I want the chief’s head, I’m here to take his life.”

“I’m going to kill him,” Martinez allegedly shouted to the dispatcher. “Dead. Get him here now. I want him now.”

Fearing that she might be attacked, the dispatcher fled on foot as Martinez entered the non-secure area of the building and attempted to make it past a locked door into a secure area of the police department. The dispatcher was able to flag down a Motor Tow truck driver who made a direct call to a member of the New Boston force, alerting officers who had begun to wonder why the dispatcher had stopped communicating with them.

Officers reportedly found Martinez in the parking lot, dressed in all black and wearing a black trench coat, with the end of the knife sticking out of one sleeve. An officer drew his weapon and ordered the knife-wielding man to the ground but he did not comply.

Martinez allegedly jumped into the Toyota Tundra and began driving away as officers followed him onto Collum St. Members of the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Dept. of Public Safety soon arrived to back up the New Boston officers and they were able to strike and pin the Tundra in.

Rodriguez allegedly refused to get out of the truck before an officer used a tool to break a window and fill the cab with chemical spray. After more commands were given by officers, Rodriguez put the Toyota in park and his hands on the steering wheel. Officers cut the seatbelt from Rodriguez and pulled him out.

The knife recovered from the pickup measured over 25 inches long with a blade of 16.5 inches, the affidavit said.

Martinez was booked into the Bowie County jail after being medically evaluated by staff at a local hospital. He is currently being held with bonds totaling $150,000.

If convicted of aggravated assault, Martinez faces two to 20 years in prison. If found guilty of evading, he faces two to ten years in prison.

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