Prosecuting Attorney Rules Officer Involved Shooting Justified


On March 21st, 2022, at approximately 1:00 a.m. two prisoners identified as Michael Olson, 31 years of age and Wayde Land, 38 years of age, escaped from confinement from a downtown Texarkana jail. Information regarding the escape of the two prisoners was disseminated through social media to make the public aware of the escape and to solicit any information regarding their whereabouts. Officers in the area were alerted to the identities and were actively seeking both subjects.

Just after 1:00 p.m. on March 3, 2022 two witnesses traveling north in a vehicle on East St. encountered the two escapees, who had changed clothing and were walking south in the 100 block of East. One of the witnesses knew Olson from previous encounters and had seen the social media posting identifying him as an escaped prisoner. That witness quickly located and alerted a nearby police officer that he recognized Olson. The officer made radio notification that contact was being made with two men believed to be the escapees in the parking lot of 210 East St. The second officer arrived within seconds and the two men were identified as the escapees. Lane was arrested without incident, but Olson resisted arrest, attempted to flee and was tackled to the ground. During the ensuing altercation, Olson was able to gain control of one of the officer’s guns while they struggled on the ground. The officer, realizing that Olson had his service weapon was able to eject the magazine and discharge the chambered round. The second officer, who had given several commands to the suspect to comply, discharged their agency issued firearm into Olson, who succumbed to his injuries.

Following TAPD policy, the Arkansas State Police, Criminal Investigative Unit, was notified of the incident and a team of investigators responded to Texarkana immediately. After collecting and processing all the information and evidence gained during their investigation, an investigative file was submitted to the Miller County, 8th South Judicial District, Prosecuting Attorney’s office for review. Having completed their review of the evidence and Arkansas State Statues associated with this encounter, the Prosecuting Attorney has ruled the shooting and death of Olson as justified.

After fulfilling the requirements set forth in TAPD policy regarding officers involved in deadly force encounters, the officers will be returned to duty and service to the citizens of Texarkana.

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