Sex offender accused of violating registration requirements


Authorities in Bowie County have charged a man convicted of a sex crime in Arkansas with failing to report a change in address and a car he regularly drove as required for sex offenders.

Corey Kelley, 46, is accused of moving from a residence in Texarkana, Arkansas, to one in Texarkana, Texas, without notifying the Texarkana, Texas, Police Department. Kelley pleaded guilty to fourth-degree sexual assault involving a 15-year-old girl in Miller County in June 2010. He served a 12-month term of probation.

According to a probable cause document, Kelley allegedly had been living in a Texarkana, Texas, apartment leased by his wife in March though he claimed to be living with his mother in a house in Texarkana, Arkansas. Kelley allegedly told a sex offender registration officer July 8 that he was still living in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Investigators spoke to other residents of the Texarkana, Texas, apartment complex where they allege Kelley was living. Other residents allegedly told the officer that Kelley is their neighbor and is regularly on the property. Investigators further allege that Kelley was driving a vehicle on a regular basis which he did not report.

If found guilty of failing to register as a sex offender, Kelley faces six months to two years in a state jail. He is currently free on a $5,000 bond.

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