Texarkana Man Recognized For Helping Police


Texarkana Arkansas Police Department recognized a courageous member of our community for assisting our officers in a difficult situation.

According to Texarkana, Ark. Police Public Information Officer Kristen Schultz, on Friday, March 1, 2024, just after 1:00 p.m., Texarkana Arkansas Police Officers were canvassing the area for a wanted felon. Police located and attempted to arrest the subject at the intersection of Seibert and Washington Streets. He resisted arrest and a struggle ensued, during which the suspect attempted to jump backwards off the bridge near this intersection. The suspect was able to get his body over the bridge railing and would have fallen several feet onto the uneven, large chunks of concrete and rock below if the officers had not managed to hold him up with his clothing. A small crowd gathered around and videoed the incident on their cell phones as officers continued struggling with the man, yet none of them offered to help. As officers were losing their grip and fatiguing, Jamie Roberson arrived and promptly assisted them. With his help, the suspect was pulled back over the bridge railing and saved from possible significant injury or worse.

While others gathered around to video the incident for social media, Mr. Roberson displayed courage, determination, and support for the safety and security of a fellow citizen and law enforcement officers. Mr. Roberson’s actions on this day serve as an example of how we should all behave as members of a community.

Mr. Roberson saw a need, recognized his capability to assist, and did not hesitate to do so. Chief Michael Kramm commends Mr. Roberson for his actions and the men and women of Texarkana Arkansas Police Department offer our sincere gratitude.

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