Two Teens Arrested for Aggravated Robbery


Texarkana, Texas police arrested two boys (one is 14 and the other is 15) for Aggravated Robbery on Saturday night.

According to police, one of them had posted that he had a cell phone for sale on Facebook Marketplace and arranged for the victim to pick up the phone at a house on Brookwood Street. However, when the guy showed up to do the transaction, one of the guys pulled out a gun and stole his wallet and money instead. They ran away, but police were able to figure out exactly who one of them was pretty easily and went to his home – which was across the street from where this happened – but no one would answer the door.

Police could see people looking out the windows so they knew that someone was inside. Eventually, the guys opened the door and walked out the front door while officers were waiting on a judge to sign a search warrant. The victim’s cash and the gun used in the robbery were recovered, and the two juveniles were taken to JDC.

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