Premier High School Prom Dress Drive

By Kianna King, PHS Student Council Representative


Premier High School is looking for the Texarkana community to help get together any used/unused, clean dresses, shoes, and suits for their students who need something to ware for Prom. Premier High School is a place where students can catch up on their work and also gives them the opportunity to graduate early. Premier High School’s student council came together and made a change last year. The student council made this school feel like any other regular High School by hosting their very first Prom. This year, they will do the same thing and fundraise dresses for Prom to help the kids who need them.

Premier High School has been working hard to get funds for their Prom by hosting trunk or treats, food days, and even attending community events and collecting tips. Last year, Premier High held their very first Prom at the Collins Homes; this year, they are having their Prom at The Gallery.

Last year’s Prom theme was Enchanted Forest; this year, the theme is Old New Orleans Premier. PHS will be hosting this event in May. If you have any clean/nice dresses or suites, Premier High School will be accepting anything until April. If you want to donate to this cost, you can bring all donations to Premier High School at 3448 Summerhill Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503.

“As the proud principal of Premier High School of Texarkana, I am delighted to share the excitement surrounding our upcoming second annual Prom, which promises to be a highlight for all grade levels. This year, we are thrilled to continue our tradition of inclusivity by organizing a community-wide dress drive, ensuring that every student with a ticket has the opportunity to shop for a beautiful dress at no cost. It is heartening to witness our students coming together to celebrate their accomplishments, showcasing not only their hard work but also their compassion through initiatives like the dress drive. The student council has worked diligently to plan a memorable and joyous evening, fostering a sense of community spirit that extends far beyond the classroom,” said the Campus Director, Bria McCartney.

“I’m so grateful to have an opportunity to make memories for the students here. Our Prom for 2023 was a blast to plan, and I’m excited to be able to do it again,” stated by Student Council Class President Chloe Lee.

Call Premier High School at (430) 200-4385 for more information concerning this topic and speak with the student council or campus director. Premier High School is counting on your help to make this the best second-annual Prom for their school.

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