Dreidel Home & Sundry, More Addictive Than Pinterest

Store Manager, Rachel, stocks shelves in Dreidel. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

There is a quaint shop in Texarkana that is the equivalent to all our Pinterest aspirations and dreams. Yes, really! Dreidel Home & Sundry, located at 2838A Richmond Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503, and is luring in customers who are seeking one-of-a-kind gifts for their loved ones and friends, and maybe even for themselves.

The store owner, Jordan Johnson, meticulously curates every foot of her store, ensuring the right themes are projected to the public.  Johnson emphasizes warm and vibrant tones throughout the store, with pops of colors and textures harmoniously coalescing.


“I love handmade, natural products,” explained Johnson.


She prefers to order products that are made in the United States and especially from local artists in the Texarkana area. Some of the best sellers are the children’s clothing, in particular, are the cozy gowns and bows. No two clothing items or accessories are the same, making each item very personal and unique to the area.

“My biggest hope is that Dreidel can provide fun options and out of the box gift ideas for family and friends,” exclaimed Johnson.

Like the name of the store, Dreidel, all the items are thought-provoking and meant to lure in customers, keeping them coming back for more to sate their curiosity and interior design needs.  Johnson spends endless hours researching impeccable items to display on the store shelves, ensuring that no other retailer in the area carries the items she does.

Johnson said, “I love seeing our customers reactions to our products and seeing what products customers are drawn to. I’ve noticed each customer is so different and everyone finds something different they love!”

Customer, Stacy Tidwell, was attracted to the Magnolia Home candles, saying she couldn’t stop thinking about how pleasant the scent is.

Dreidel carries a cornucopia of items, with great variety and detail.  Some items are simplistic, like the many scented candles or doormats, while others summon passerby for closer inspection.  The knitted rugs and ceramic homeware often portray witty phrases or intricate designs. The store even has organic growing kits and traveling accessories, truly a vast amount of options for all tastes and interests.

This store is Johnson’s second small business to open, in addition to her Arched Brow Studio in Summerhill Square in Texarkana, Texas.  She is going above and beyond to not only follow her entrepreneurial dreams but to support the small business community that Texarkana is coming to rely on.

Jordan Johnson

“Small businesses are the heart of our town and are what keeps our town thriving,” Johnson conveyed. “That’s what makes up our community and why shopping local is so important.”

Johnson commissioned graphic artist, Danielle Hamblett with For All Brand Kind, to design Dreidel’s logo, signage, and business cards.
Dreidel business card design by Dani Hamblett
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)
“She is so talented for anyone with graphic design needs!”
Johnson’s husband constructed most of the tables, shelves, and front desk. The store manager, Rachel, spends her time setting up table displays and trying to bring Johnson’s store vision to fruition.
Rachel, store manager, stocks shelves in Dreidel.
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Johnson relocated to Texarkana nearly 5 years ago and has enjoyed every moment of integrating into the community.  She sees the potential that the community has and loves the personality of Texarkana, knowing that it will continue to grow, just like her business.

You can stop by Dreidel Home & Sundry from 10:00 AM-7:00 PM from Monday to Saturday, or visit them online.


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