Hunter Education Class To Be Held September 10th


The Texas Park and Wildlife here in Texarkana will be hosting a Hunter Education Class Field Course and Test at the Southwest Center in Texarkana, Texas on September 10th from 10:00AM-2:00PM. The class will begin at 10AM and will release upon completion of the test.

“Each student must come to the class with the online portion of the course completed which consists of 10 online quizzes. The day of the course students will participate in a field course which will consist of showing students the proper firearm safety for hunting and carrying, while crossing obstacles such as fences and down trees. Students will also learn general proper firearm safety. Half of the class consists of firearm safety, while the other half talks about the laws that govern hunting and fishing, as well as ethics in regards to hunting,” said instructor and Bowie County Game Warden Daniel Kessler.

The class is intended for anyone over the ages of 9 years old. The free online portion of the course can be found HERE. The field class portion costs $15 and is due the morning of the in person course.

“Once you complete the course you will receive your Texas Hunter Education Certification which is good in all 50 states and is a lifetime certification,” said David.

If you are interested in signing up for the course please click the following link below to pre-register for the course! CLICK HERE! 

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