Creative Soul Salon: Where Everyone is Welcome

Mural in Creative Soul Salon done by local artist Ashley Ayers

For years, Holly Orr dreamt of opening up her own salon that could cater to everyone in all walks of life. Her dream became a reality last year when she opened her doors and brought Creative Soul Salon to Texarkana. “It’s been a dream really. I had honestly stopped working for about two years because I was just so burnt out. But I knew that I eventually wanted to open my own salon, and create an environment that was positive and loving for everyone,” said Orr. “Creative Soul Salon is a place for anyone to come where they can feel safe, where their ideas aren’t too crazy, and where their dreams become a reality,” said Orr.

“What I love the most about this place is just how special it feels to us, but also to the community. This building that we are in was actually my late Grandfathers. When I was considering opening up something of my own, I wanted it to be a salon that was totally different and unique to the Texarkana area. I was originally going to buy a house and renovate it for a studio. But my Grandfather who owned this property said, ‘you can have it, but you’re going to have to invest your own money into it.’ So I threw myself into this space, renovating it from top to bottom to be completely unique and to feel different than any other salon I have been to,” said Orr. The building is large enough for at least four more stylists, which Orr is currently looking to hire. 

Holly Orr’s station for clients

“What’s great about this space is that there is opportunity to do much more than just hair styles,” said Orr. “The area where I see my clients is actually a stage where people can come in and play live music. My future goal for the space is to expand to host small events. I have already rented out the space for a young girls birthday party, where all the girls came over for a ‘spa-day. But I would love to eventually see the community come by for live music, wedding showers, spa days with friends and more,” said Orr.

Creative Soul Salon is much more than just a space for community members to come and get their hair done. The stylists and the culture created inside the walls of Creative Soul Salon provide clients with a unique and artistic experience that provides comfort and safety for all. “I want people to know that when they come through these doors they are listened to, respected and appreciated. We don’t just care about the money. We care about our clients, and the experiences that they have when they are here. We want them to leave feeling happy, appreciated and beautiful,” said Orr.

Decorations inside Creative Soul Salon, decorating by Holly Orr

There are currently three other women working at Creative Soul Salon, all of whom specialize in different areas. “I am a master stylist with 14 years of experience and a color master. Sam Cas, is a queen of perm and mullets, she does it all truly. She can do vivid colors, fantasy colors and she is also bilingual. Derekia Jheonta does brows, eyelash extensions, waxing and brow and lash tinting, and she is amazing at what she does. We also have Nicki Spangler, whom I have known for years. She specializes in vivid and fantasy colors. Whatever you want, they will all go above and beyond to help you get what you want and need,” said Orr. Orr is currently looking to hire more stylists to help fill the space and add to her tribe. “I want to make sure that we continue to hire individuals who connect with all of us. We are a no drama salon, and we want to make sure we keep it that way for us and for our customers, “said Orr.

Creative Soul Salon is located at 3310 Texas Blvd. To get in contact with Creative Soul Salon you can reach them through their Facebook page, or call at 903-793-SOUL (7685). Walk-ins are always welcome.

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