Changes to Alcohol Laws in Texas Leave Those 21+ Excited


Starting September 1st, 2021 new laws by the state of Texas in regards to alcohol purchasing and serving went into effect. The 87th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1518┬áback in the Spring of this year, however it only went into effect at the beginning of September. The new laws state that grocery and convenience stores can now sell alcohol starting at 10AM on Sundays, where as previously they couldn’t until after noon. The law only applies to beer and wine sales.

While liquor stores will remained closed on Sundays, the new law provides Texans the opportunity to shop earlier in the day. The new law also allows restaurants, among other beer and liquor license holders, to sell alcohol through online delivery services on Sundays. Texans can use approved delivery services such as Door Dash for these services. Along with the new law, Hotel Bars in Texas can also serve registered guests alcohol 24/7.

These new adoptions to the Texas Alcohol Laws comes as no surprise to other states, whose laws are less vigorous. But to those living in Texas, this is a big step towards modernizing the Alcohol Laws to match those of other large states.

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