LEISD Board Meeting Denies Bond Election in November


Last night the school board of LEISD met to discuss several issues at hand concerning the district’s citizens, including whether or not to put the $30.2 million bond election to a vote on the November 2nd elections.

The vote was close with 4 to 3, but for now the bond election is off the table for the upcoming polls, but could be put up for action again in the next school year. The proposal would eventually increase the tax rate for Liberty Eylau’s residents 20 cents, increasing the tax rate to $1.45. The aim of the tax increase is to help rebuild the schools in the LEISD district, however community support doesn’t seem to be favorable. Each school in the LEISD district was rated last summer, and the assessment showed the high school and middle school both falling within the 60-69 range. For now, the issue is on hold until the board can vote on it again next year.

During the meeting the district also discussed issues regarding COVID-19 cases rising in our area. For now the district will be following all local and state policies in regards to COVID-19 protocols, and have not instituted a mandatory mask mandate for their district. They will continue to sanitize the classrooms daily. The district also named Carl Brewer as new Police Chief for the district for the 2021-2022 school year.


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