12-year-old arrested for E-Z Mart homicide

21-year-old Christa Shockley discovered by newspaper carrier

Crime Scene Investigators on scene at E-Z Mart. (Photo by Field Walsh | TXK Today)

A 12-year-old male is in custody for the early morning shooting of an E-Z Mart cashier in Fouke, Ark.

The Miller County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Fouke, Arkansas EZ-Mart on US Highway 71 just after 2:00 a.m. this morning. A local newspaper carrier had entered the store and found the clerk, Christa Shockley, white, female, 21 years old, unresponsive on the floor. Sergeant Hillis, Corporal Ward, and Deputy Klink of the Miller County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division responded to the store along with two local first responders from Boggy Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Randy McAdams and Randy McCormick. It was determined Ms. Shockley had been a victim of a homicide. Deputies secured the scene, identifying possible witnesses in the area, and notifying family members.

Christa Shockley, 21. Via Facebook
Christa Shockley, 21. Via Facebook

The Miller County Criminal Investigative Unit responded to Fouke, Arkansas and initiated the criminal investigation. Sheriff Jackie Runion requested the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department’s Crime Scene Unit to respond and assist with processing the crime scene. Detective Eric Winters and Detective Tye Watley with the TAPD Crime Scene Unit responded and assisted in identifying and collecting evidence at the EZ-Mart.

Near 7:00 a.m. personnel from the Fouke School District were contacted and given a brief summary of the investigation. At that time no suspects had been identified, however it appeared the victim had been specifically targeted, according to a MCSO press release.

Members of the investigative units continued to work diligently with EZ-Mart employees in an attempt to locate evidence and determine the identity of the suspect.
At approximately 8:00 a.m. critical items of evidence including the clothing the suspect wore during the crime and the pistol believed to be used to commit the crime had been recovered. A juvenile suspect was identified. Because of his age and as a precaution, the Fouke School was contacted a second time with the new information and Deputies were sent to the school to help ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. the suspect was arrested in the Fouke City limits.

The suspect is a 12-year-old white male juvenile and his name is not being released in compliance with state law. He has been charged with Capital Murder and Aggravated Robbery. He is currently being held in the Miller County Juvenile Detention Center.

The investigation into the incident is continuing by the Miller County Sheriff’s Office.

No further information is available for release at this time.

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