16-year old in custody after shooting woman with shotgun


A 16-year-old male is in custody after shooting a woman in Redwater and then leading police on a high speed chase down U.S. 67.

At approximately 12:24 p.m. a 16 year-old male fired shots into a home on Fagan Ln off Highway 67 in Redwater with a shotgun, claiming the life of a woman inside, according to Bowie County Sheriff Prince.


When deputies arrived to the residence, the 16 year-old fled the scene heading down Highway 67 East towards Texarkana. The man was chased and later arrested in Wake Village.
According to Prince, the suspect shot into the house from the outside, killing a woman inside the house. According to Sheriff Prince the woman did not live inside the home, she was only visiting. The shooter had no relationship to the woman involved.


Driving a ’93 Cadillac, the driver sped down U.S. Highway 67 just outside of Texarkana with multiple patrol cars in pursuit.

According to radio traffic the suspect shot at police and police returned fire striking the vehicle.

The suspect was taken into custody in the traffic circle in Wake Village. No names have been released.


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