21st Annual Walk for Life


First Choice Pregnancy Center will host their 21st Annual Walk for Life on Saturday, May 1st at Spring Lake Park. First Choice works within our community to reach out to new, young, and old parents.  Their primary focus is to provide all parents with the necessary resources, education, classes and support from a faith based organization to encourage success in parenting and in raising healthy children. 

This year marks the 21st annual Walk for Life event, which was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our main reason for continuing with our annual event is to help fundraise and build fellowship,” said the First Choice Director Kristie Wright. First Choice is completely supported by community donations. According to Wright, 75% of their budget comes directly from churches and businesses. Fundraising for the center takes place twice a year, once in the Spring with the Annual Walk and again in the Fall with a private event. 

First Choice Director Kristie Wright and Center Baby

The clinic’s goal this year is to raise $30,000. The majority of their fundraising goes directly back into our community through classes designed to help parents learn skill sets necessary for success in healthy families. Most classes offer prizes and rewards for participating parents, some of which have included cribs, car seats and even diapers. “For those parents that come to us and choose life, we provide them with parenting classes where they can learn everything from what’s going on in my body during pregnancy, to eating for two, what will labor be like, all the way up to temper tantrums and potty training,” said Wright. 

The walk is open to anyone who supports First Choice. “This is the perfect event for those in our community who want to participate, but don’t have a lot to give. You can be a walker and it won’t cost you a dime,” said Wright. First Choice encourages those who want to participate to create their own walk page soon, so fundraising can continue through May 1st. The walk is designed to be as COVID friendly as possible, keeping individual walkers and small groups as socially distanced as possible. “Go ahead and sign up and start raising money! Start a team with your church, business or family! An award for the team who raises the most money will be given. We aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition,” said Wright. 

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First Choice Director Kristie Wright and Former Client at Past Walk for Life Event


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