6-year-old Waiting On School Bus Finds Human Skull


A 6-year-old girl discovered a human skull Tuesday morning east of Ogden, Ark. while waiting on the school bus.

According to Little River County Sheriff Gary Gregory the girl, “carried it [the skull] into the house. Upon doing so, the parents immediately advised her to put it down,” Gregory said. “That is when they called the sheriffs department and we responded.“
Arkansas State Police, Little River County Sheriff, and Little River County Emergency Management conducted a grid search and discovered more bones across the street.

“We believe that the skeletal remains are going to belong to a person named Zachary Wagner. This person showed up missing about 4-5 months ago,” Said Sheriff Gregory.

According to Sheriff Gregory they were looking for Zachary because they felt he was a suspect in a truck arson involving a log truck. They contacted the family and they had not seen him. As a result they have come to the conclusion that it could possibly be him.

According to Sheriff Gregory the house that Zachary had been staying in is 150 yards from where the bones were found.

The bones had been out there for 4-5 months. We had to actually look for the bones because animals had scattered them, Gregory said.

“At this point, we cannot release the information about his cause of death because there will be a criminal investigation opening up,” Gregory Said.

The bones have been sent to Little Rock for DNA testing

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