A Tragic Accident Unites a Community


The citizens of Texarkana and surrounding areas have joined forces; coming together to support a family who was greatly affected by a tragic accident that took place Friday evening. An accident that changed their lives forever.

Friday evening, a 2-year-old boy shot himself after finding a gun inside a residence Friday afternoon in Texarkana Ark., according to police.

This vibrant little boy, is Jett Osburn. Jett continues to bravely fight for his life at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, accompanied by his family who has not left his side.

Though the family is not alone through these unfortunate circumstances. The entire community of Texarkana has united in efforts to not only reach out to the family with encouraging words, but also to raise funds for the family for medical expenses by baking brownies, t-shirts, giving haircuts, among numerous other things.

Locals have also come together to host prayer vigils, film group messages, and a toddler class even made airplanes during class to show their support for their friend, Jett.

Several businesses in Texarkana and surrounding areas, such as The Burger Joint, Larry’s pizza, Danny Rateliff’s Hair Salon, Skate America, and others have hosted and scheduled future events to raise funds.

“We are doing haircuts on July 16th to help out. I think it is very heartwarming that the community has come together to help Jett and his family, they have already raised a lot of money. During this event we will also have numerous other vendors, as well as a silent auction and all of the proceeds will go to Jett and his family,” said Madeline Brown, stylist at Danny Rateliff’s Hair Salon.

The kindness and compassion of the community of Texarkana and surrounding areas have succeeded in raising money to help Jett and his family. Beyond that, this union has provided this lively little boy and his family the strength to fight through the healing process.

“We appreciate living in a community that comes together when tragedy strikes,” wrote Jett’s family on Pray for Jett Osburn page on Facebook.

For more information on future fundraising events or how to contribute to the efforts visit the Page “Pray for Jett Osburn” on Facebook.

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