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Romerse Biddle, founding president, officially announces the creation of the Academy for Public Service. The Academy for Public Service (the Academy) goal is to create a new class of public servant leaders. Key components of the Academy are: Ethics in Public Service, Professionalism in Public Service, Social Exchange, Cooperation & Collaboration, and public service projects. The Academy’s top programs are: college level model state government that will be held each year at the state capitol in Little Rock; later, model city and county government will be created. Another top program is the college model supreme court. Later, lower courts will be added.

The purpose of the Academy is to provide a civic leadership program for student participants to promote civic duty, leadership, and responsibility to prepare students to be leaders of their respective states. The Academy’s mission is, “To define targeted ways, to teach students how to address societal challenges and to find solutions through public service, executive, legislative, and legal pathways. To encourage and promote civic education, leadership, and participation focused on state and local government. To assist and advise students as well as interested public servants and the public in creating solutions to several state and local challenges. All participants will serve as ambassadors of the communities they serve as well as states they represent.” The Academy’s vision is, “Develop a new class of servant leaders, for the 21st century through civic education and leadership development. To provide tools for democracy maintenance by investing in those answering the call of public service.”

The Academy for Public Service still has openings for those who want to be members of the college House of Representatives, Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and for those wanting to argue cases in the college supreme court. The Academy is an official 501(c)3 public charity as recognized by the IRS. The Academy is accepting sponsorships for those wanting to sponsor college student participation. Participation fees are $525 for student legislators and constitutional officers for one year term of service (can serve multiple terms) and $125 to argue Supreme Court cases.

For more information, please visit or email Mr. Biddle at

About Romerse Biddle:
Biddle is a graduate of Texarkana College (Associates, 2010), Southern Arkansas University (Bachelors, 2012), University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service (Masters, 2016). Biddle has interned for former AR Governor Mike Beebe, worked for former state senator Steve Harrelson, and Arkansas state representative David Fielding. Biddle has been an educator since 2016.

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