Allie Graves, What Love Can Do

Allie Graves

Allie Graves is more than Miss North Texas’ Outstanding Teen 2018; Although, that might be what first comes to mind when you hear about her. Graves has traversed many obstacles in her young age, most notably overcoming abuse, living in foster care, and ultimately finding her forever home.

“I was adopted by my forever family at the age of 5. When talking with my
Pawpaw just before he passed away, I learned that a girl hasn’t been born in his
line of the Graves family in over 150 years (before the civil war). All females
have entered the family through marriage or adoption. My dad says we have to
buy the women in the family,” she laughed.

Her forever family has been the support system anyone could wish for.  They have supported her pageantry efforts since age seven-when she entered the Miss American system and earned title as Lone Star Princess for Miss Texarkana and Miss Texarkana’s Outstanding Teen in 2009.

“I continued in the Lone Star Princess program for several years and was even blessed to be a Lone Star Princess singer when I was 10 years old. At the time, I knew there was something so special about my mentors and title holders and I knew that I wanted to be just like them when I was older,” said Graves.

She competed in her first Miss America’s Outstanding Teen preliminary competition when she was just 13. Graves went on to win Miss Prestonwood Polo Club’s Outstanding Teen in 2016, Miss Texarkana’s Outstanding Teen in 2017, and her most current title, Miss North Texas Outstanding Teen in 2018.

“This amazing organization has been one of the most rewarding blessings of my entire life since that time and because of it, I’m learning to be the very best version of myself!”

Graves uses this opportunity with the organization to promote her platform,
“What Love Can Do”.

“It’s based on my life’s story of overcoming abuse, living in foster care and receiving the amazing blessing of a forever family through the gift of adoption. I have three major goals with my platform and they are….

1 – To educate the public about the epidemic of child abuse by sharing my personal experience

2 – To encourage adults to become an advocate for children in foster care. One of the ways I do this is by utilizing social media campaigns and encouraging peers to get involved in volunteer opportunities so that they can help bring comfort to children in crisis.

3 – To use my voice to motivate people across the state to consider adopting a child. There are currently more than 33,000 children in foster care in Texas alone. I am proof that foster care children are lovable and can truly bring joy to a home and family and actually make a difference in our society. Being a titleholder gives me a voice with a much larger audience and amplifies my journey of being hopeless, finding hope and finally giving others hope.”

Graves is currently a sophomore at Texas High School and plans to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Christian Studies/Vocal Performance after graduating. She looks forward to starting college, but knows that living in Texarkana has established a solid foundation for her aspirations.

“I enjoy living in Texarkana simply because it’s the place I’ve been blessed to call
home. I love being a part of a smaller community and the opportunities I have to
serve throughout my hometown. The people of Texarkana have been so
supportive of me throughout my life and I wouldn’t want to grow up anywhere

Graves has been involved with, either through singing or volunteering time, at CASA, For the Sake of One, Bowie County Child Welfare Board, Texarkana Twin’s Baseball,
Wild About Wellness Health Fair, Komen Race for the Cure, United Way
Campaigns, Randy Sam’s Homeless Shelter, Community Cafe, Field’s of Faith,
TISD, Veterans Events, Pink Ride, Jeuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,
First Choice Pregnancy Center, Bowie County and State of Texas Special
Olympics, American Heart Association, Arkansas Children’s Hospital chapter of
Texarkana’s Circle of Friends, Texarkana College, Read Across America and
Miss America Serves Day.

Allie Graves has persevered and overcome so many obstacles in her young age.  From earning titles in the Miss America system to volunteering with numerous non-profit organizations, she serves as a model citizen that we can all aspire to be like.


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