B-Rad Dances On!

B-rad dances outside Westgate One Stop Wash & Lube holding a sign that reads, "don't get caught riding dirty." (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Joe Thomas, owner of Westgate One Stop Wash & Lube, took special notice of B-Rad and his sign dancing as he drove past Summerhill and New Boston road in the evenings.  On a fluke, Thomas decided to stop and ask B-rad about his availability and thoughts on working at the car wash.

That was three weeks ago; since then, B-rad has spent his mornings, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, jamming to rap and dancing his heart out.

B-rad is a celebrity of sorts to the community, known for his elaborate dancing and endurance-beginning with his attendance at Texas High School and dancing on campus. Citizens of Texarkana have enjoyed watching his lively moves outside Little Caesar’s Pizza and around town.

Thomas said he was trying to generate some additional traffic for his business and he’s noticed a difference since hiring B-rad.

“People will drive by and do a double take,” he explained.

To everyone’s surprise, they discovered B-rad’s mother was a cashier at the One Stop Wash & Lube years ago before she moved away from Texarkana.

B-rad said he is excited that people are taking notice.  He enjoys being able to use his talents to help out another business.

For those who are wondering, B-rad is listening to Rick Ross today.

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