Beacon Point murder suspect had multiple warrants at time of shooting

Justin Damone Johnson

Justin Damone Johnson, the suspect in the Beacon Point home invasion that left two dead in Texarkana, Ark., faced charges in the 2010 murder of two people in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Like last week’s shooting in Texarkana, the Albuquerque murders were reportedly connected to illegal drugs.

Johnson, 27, was found not guilty July 13, 2012 by a jury of two counts of first degree murder, one count of attempted murder, and abuse of a child, according to New Mexico state court documents. A charge of tampering with evidence was dismissed by the judge.

Johnson was accused of killing Tevion King, who was a freshman at Albuquerque High, and his older brother Cedric Boykins at a home in Albuquerque on April 23, 2010. According to news reports, the murders happened during a drug deal. A third victim of the shooting was critically injured but survived.

Johnson was arrested in Texarkana in May 2010 on the Albuquerque charges.

A warrant for Johnson’s arrest in Bowie County has been active for more than a year, according to Bowie County court records. A motion to revoke Johnson’s probation for a misdemeanor drug offense was filed by probation officials Oct. 23, 2014. Johnson was assessed a one-year probation for possession of prescription cough syrup containing codeine without a prescription April 17, 2013. In April 2014, Johnson’s probation was extended by six months. The October 2014 motion to revoke alleges Johnson twice tested positively for marijuana, that he failed to report to his probation officer, that he failed to complete community service restitution and that he failed to pay court ordered fees.

Bowie County records show Johnson served three days in jail in 2005 for misdemeanor charges of evading arrest and theft. Charges of aggravated battery and use of a firearm filed in New Mexico against Johnson in 2009 were later dismissed.

In July, the same month Johnson quit showing up for appointments with his probation officer, warrants were issued for Johnson after he led police on a high speed chase through Texarkana that ended in a fiery crash.

Crash scene after leading police on high speed chase through Texarkana.

According to Texas DPS Trooper Sylvia Jennings, warrants were issued for evading arrest and two misdemeanor controlled substance offenses. It is unknown at this time if those warrants have been served. However, the probation warrant for Johnson which existed at the time of the car chase was not served and remains active.

A warrant for Johnson for capital murder in the apartment complex shooting remains outstanding as well. Cash, drugs and weapons were recovered from the apartment by police after the shooting. Texarkana, Ark., police spokeswoman Corpl. Kristi Bennett said detectives expect to file charges against others suspected of being involved in the “narcotics-related” shooting.

Trevon Staten, 22, was found dead in an upstairs apartment bedroom while the body of Julian Bolton, 33, was discovered outside the apartment.

Police ask that anyone with information on Johnson’s whereabouts to contact Texarkana Arkansas Police at 903-798-3154 or Texarkana area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.



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