The Beauty Barr Sets the Bar for Business

Taylor Barr cuts a clients hair (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

The Beauty BARR at 218 W. Broad Street in downtown Texarkana was established in April 2015 by owner and stylist Taylor Barr.  Her vision was to create a space for women to determine their own success through hard work and dedication. This sleek and stylish salon has grown to be the destination for high-end, luxury beauty in Texarkana that is comparable to salons you would find in Dallas.


Having the freedom to express herself through music, fashion, and style was important to Barr when she envisioned her own salon.  The Beauty Barr encompasses more than just hair and nails, its a place for women to support one another and help them feel confident in themselves.


Every foot of space is photogenic, with natural light shining through only to beam off the hundred-year-old brick walls.  The location of the salon was equally important to Barr who knew she wanted to be in the historical part of Texarkana.


“I fell in love with the building the first time I saw it,” she explained.

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

She still loves the charm and character the building has, along with the additions from the stylists.


“I often wonder, if these walls could talk, what all would they say?”


Barr and her stylists, April Yaegar, Jill Hildebrand, Erin Manning, Samantha Whitlow, Mandi McGonigal, Candi Campbell, and Ashley Walthall, are adding their own stories to the history of this eclectic shop.


Each stylist has their own unique identity and strength; however, the ladies in the salon aren’t shy of friendly competition when necessary, but know that cooperation and support are essential for the success of women.

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Many stylists at the Beauty Barr are mothers, often helping one another when necessary if a babysitter falls through.  These ladies look out for one another, sometimes assisting with shampooing or blow drying a clients hair if something unexpected comes up.


They are leading examples to their children of what hard work, a positive attitude, and dedication can do.  Barr explains that many of her life experiences, including previously being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, have helped her gain insight or qualities of being a role model to other women and her daughter and son.


Barr jokingly said she should have pursued a degree in psychology instead of earning a degree in Science because of the emotional impacts of the job.


“I never know what one day will hold,” she explained.


Whether is sharing the enthusiasm with a newly engaged woman or consoling a wife who is having marriage problems, the Beauty Barr is a safe place for clients to be themselves.

Barr explained that what matters is that she is being a good wife, mother, and person, often questioning if she did enough or set the right example for her daughter.


“Did I make them feel like my world?”


Having to juggle a business, family, and personal life can be difficult, but Barr understands the implications on her children if she and her husband aren’t setting the right example.


“Having my children pursue their interests is very important to me,” she said.


Currently, Barr’s daughter is enrolled in dance, which can be extremely demanding for young girls.  Barr struggles with helping her daughter understand the importance of commitment and being positive.


“It’s my job as a mother to enforce that commitment and being a team player.”


This is the common thread among the stylists at the Beauty Barr, their strength and persistence.  These ladies are focused on success and supporting one another, because nobody can do it alone.


“There is no substitution for hard work, drive, and initiative,” explained Barr.  “Some of us are willing to get down and dirty, some are not. Understanding friendly competition and having thick skin are necessary for thriving in a female dominated profession.”

Taylor Barr, owner of the Beauty Barr in downtown Texarkana
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Barr understands that competition and cooperation only makes you stronger.  The stylists at the Beauty Barr are determined to build up on another while also building up style in Texarkana.

You can visit the Beauty Barr at 218 W Broad St, Texarkana, TX 75503 or call (903) 276-4070

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