Bi State Jail Inmate Stabs Correctional Officer in Face with Pen


Jacob Barry Lewis, an inmate at Bi State Jail, allegedly stabbed a correctional officer in the face with a pen.

According to the probable cause affidavit that was used to create the following account, On January, 14 2015 LaSalle Corrections Captain Brian Jones reported that he had been stabbed in the face by inmate Jacob Barry Lewis. “Captain Jones explained that he was sitting behind the front desk just prior to a session of jail court when Lewis stabbed him just below his left eye with an ink pen.”

According to witness Kim Watson with Bowie County PR Bonds, “Lewis was brought in to the court room for his magistrate warning at which time she gave him paperwork to fill out to apply for a Public Defender.” Lewis cussed Watson out and exited the court room because she told him he would have to wait to urinate.

The complaint states continues, “lieutenant Guy Wheat stated that Capt. Jones told Lewis that he would be placed in lockdown after court for his actions.”

According to the complaint jail footage shows Lewis leave the courtroom and then urinate in two cups that he had obtained from behind the desk in Zone 1. “At 8:07:56 Lewis can be seen as he stands and approaches the desk where Captain Jones, Kim Watson~ and Lance HaU are seated. Lewis leaped across the desk and stabbed Captain Jones in the face with the pen. Officer James Combs then tackled and subdued Lewis at the door as he attempted to flee the court room.”

A Bowie County Magistrate signed the affidavit January, 15 2015 issuing an arrest warrant for Lewis.

Stabbing LaSalle

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