Bladesmithing Courses at Texarkana College Offer World-Class Instruction from Master Smiths


Texarkana College campus is home to the world’s first School of Bladesmithing. Endorsed by the American Bladesmith Society, the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing offers courses designed for anyone who is interested in making quality, hand-forged blades including those who are beginner bladesmiths, or those who have already reached the level of Journeyman and want to learn the craft of handles and guards or Damascus steel patterns. Enrollment for 2021 courses has now opened with limited space availability for in-person class instruction.

First in the 2021 line-up is a course in the Brut de Forge technique. This course, taught by world-famous Master Smith and author Joe Keeslar, will introduce students to the properties of hand forging, grinding, and heat-treating metals to craft a blade in the style known as Brut de Forge.

“Through this course, students will learn how to take a worn-out file and give it new life and function,” said Mendy Sharp, Executive Director of Texarkana College’s Community and Business Education division. “We are excited to offer this course on TC’s campus where students can learn from an expert instructor on this topic. By the end of this week-long course, students will have a finished knife.”

Dates for upcoming courses are:

  • Brut de Forge- January 4-8 (1-week course)
  • Introduction to Bladesmithing- February 1-12 (2-week course)
  • Damascus Steel- March 1-5 (1-week course)
  • Handles & Guards- March 8-12 (1-week course)

Online course* Bladesmithing for Beginners-
(*Special sale pricing now available for this course!)
Enrollment is open now for all bladesmithing courses. Visit or go to to view course costs and register for a class.

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