Texarkana Nutrition: Providing Health, Wellness and Jobs to the Community


Tonja Hodde, owner of Texarkana Nutrition, has been in the nutrition center industry for 22 years. Her knowledge of products and desire to help others led to the opening of several health clubs in our area including Texarkana Nutrition. “We are a ‘fast food for smart people,’ club,” says Hodde. Texarkana Nutrition offers much more than quick, easy and delicious healthy food options for their busy clients. “We are a concept of a smoothie shop, where we make the meals ready-made, wellness coaches with a purpose behind the bar to teach you how to do this at home and save money, and we teach other people how to earn an extra income using their product results,” says Hodde. 

Coffee and Teas Made at Texarkana Nutrition

The products found at Texarkana Nutrition come in a variety of forms such as, “healthy snacks, iced protein coffee, collagen in a drink form, and an NSF approved athletic line of products,” says Hodde. All products also come with a personal wellness coach who can provide a Free Body Analysis that will help individuals learn important and specific information about their own wellness, and how to use the program to reach their own optimal health. “With over 22 years experience in the wellness industry, we have a phenomenal team of wellness coaches who create personal relationships with our clients to help them reach their health goals. All of this is done complimentary. In turn, the products are available for home use on a discount program with our recipes to ensure success,” says Hodde.

Texarkana Nutrition’s Bar Where All Products are Made Specially for Each Client

One of the ways in which clients can use products at home and at a discount is through the 21 Day Challenge offered through Texarkana Nutrition. The 21 Day Challenge, which begins the first Monday of each month, provides clients with a special program and application where they can communicate with hundreds of other participants from all over without the pressure of social media.  Clients purchase the products through their personal wellness coach where they are set up with a discount program and are supported and encouraged by their own coach and others participating in the program. “What’s amazing about this challenge and app is that it allows people to share their food ideas, recipes, and struggles or accomplishments with everyone in the program. It encourages accountability, and allows others to feel safe, secure, and supported throughout the challenge,” says Hodde.

Left: Jeannie V is a local teacher and has lost over 100lbs
Right: Felicia McCrary is down over 100lbs

One of the easiest ways to receive products at a discount is to join the mission at Texarkana Nutrition by becoming a wellness coach. “As wellness coaches, many work part-time around their full-time job to help clients achieve their goals. Some coaches choose to work fulltime in our nutrition centers, creating multiple areas of income,” says Hodde. With so many community members interested in using the products provided by this wellness center, Texarkana Nutrition has expanded to multiple locations to better serve the community. “While each client has one specific wellness coach to help them be successful with the products at home at a discount, these locations have proven to help our communities stay consistent in reaching their goals,” says Hodde.

Texarkana Nutrition’s other locations can be found on Facebook and are:
Richmond Nutrition, Summerhill Nutrition, The Health Nut, New Boston Nutrition, The Nutrition Box in Ashdown, Genoa Nutrition, Monster Nutrition in Fouke, Hope Nutrition, Main Street Nutrition in Nashville, and Magnolia Nutrition.

“Are you looking for a way to earn extra income or quite possibly create a full-time income?  We would love to talk with you about joining our team!” says Hodde.

Right: Clay Hicks down 80lbs
Left: Angel Barnes down 52.8lbs and 35% body fat and up to 20lbs of muscle (Since September 15th)

Texarkana Nutrition is open from 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday- Friday, and open 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.  1024 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR 71854

Join Texarkana Nutrition on Thursday nights at their Open House from 6:30-7:30, where you can learn how to become a part of Texarkana Nutrition and their ongoing journey of supporting our community in their health goals!

For other store hours and locations please visit the stores listed above on Facebook.

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