Cancer Center Open House


As of July 1, 2017, Wadley Regional Medical Center assumed the operations of the
Cancer Center. The Wadley Cancer Center is equipped with advanced technology TrueBeam™. The Cancer Center brought the TrueBeam technology to Texarkana several years ago. It uses powerful technology that is precise, accurate and fast.

The TrueBeam system performs many advanced forms of radiotherapy. These include intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT). IMRT is a treatment technique that allows the physician to customize the radiation dose by varying (or modulating) the amount of radiation that is sent to different parts of your tumor. IGRT uses advanced imaging so your physician and therapsit can visualize your tumor. This allows them to verify the exact position of the tumor and treat it precisely. Even tumors
that move (for example, those in the lungs) can be precisely targeted with special tools that compensate for motion during a treatment.

Every tumor is different, and TrueBeam can shape the radiation beam to accurately match the size and shape of just about any tumor. It uses a device called a multileaf collimator that has 120 computer-controlled “leaves” or “fingers” that can move to create the needed size and shape of the tumor. During treatment this aperture changes to target the tumor and minimize exposure to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Varian RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology is an effective cancer treatment representing an advanced new form of image-guided IMRT. This technology enables clinicians to program the linear accelerator to deliver precise forms of IMRT up to eight times faster than other systems. It does this by delivering the complete IMRT treatment in fewer rotations. The tumor receives the full radiation dose within less than two minutes compared with 10 minutes or longer for conventional IMRT.

The Wadley Cancer Center will be hosting an Open House and Chamber Ribbon Cutting on Tuesday, August 8th from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. This will give the community the opportunity to meet the staff and Dr. Larry Mundy, the center’s board certified radiation oncologist while touring the center. Refreshments will be served. Entrance to the Wadley Cancer Center is at the corner of Olive and 11 th streets.

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