Car Drives Through Nash Burger King-Exxon Front Doors and Runs

Burgker King Nash

1:30 A.M. Monday | A black 4 door BMW ran through the front doors of the Burger King-Exxon in Nash early Monday morning. Fortunetly the two employees inside at the time were not hurt.

According to Park Price’s post to Facebook.

“Store employees stated that the man (a white male who lives locally) is an “Everyday Customer” who is seen at the store regularly.

The employees stated that the man driving the car was very “apologetic” about crashing through the front of the Store. They said that the man then informed them that He was not driving Legally. The man told them “I have No Insurance and No Registration and I’ve Got a Warrant too”!

One of the store employees was already on the telephone contacting Police about the accident.

The Store employees stated that After explaining he was not driving legally The customer said “I’m really sorry I have to do this to you… But I Gotta Go”.

At that point, the man reentered his automobile, leaving the scene, and a couple of Very shaken Store Employees behind.

The Police arrived only a couple of minutes later. ~ The “Drive-In” Customer had not yet been apprehended, at the time this Post was started.

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