Catholic Daughters of the Americas Help Dedicate New Home with Habitat for Humanity to the Goodwin Family

Diane L., Donna Lindeman, Carole Ross and Deann Duncan from the Catholic Daughters of Wichita

On Sunday April, 18th, the Catholic Daughters of the Americas from Wichita Falls gathered together with members from our local Habitat for Humanity to dedicate the newly built home for the Goodwin Family in Redwater, Texas.

The New Goodwin Family Home

“The home took longer than expected to build as COVID hit, and volunteers and contractors had to be limited, pushing the timeline of the project,” noted Mac Carrell, Vice Chair of the Board for Habitat for Humanity. “However, the Catholic Daughters of America stepped in and helped cover around 40-50% of the remaining cost, making it possible to finish the project,” said Carrell.

Peggy Goodwin, the new homeowner, put in over 200 hours of sweat equity into her new home, as well as working on other nonprofit projects in our area. Her children put in hours of their own by earning good grades and working on their new backyard.

Attendees were able to view the house before the event. The house dons three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small living area and a large kitchen. Harvest Regional Food Bank of Texarkana donated enough food to fill the fridge, freezer, and pantry for the family. The driveway and sidewalk to the home will be completed in the coming days as the weather clears.

New kitchen completely filled with food from Harvest Regional Food Bank
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