CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System honored by Angel One Transport Team


This morning, CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System and emergency department were recognized by Angel One Transport from Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

CHRISTUS was recognized as “Facility of the Month” for March 2023.

“The award was presented to denote medical excellence, professionalism, compassion, collaboration between hospital departments and more.”

LETTER EXCERPT (Signed by Debbie Izor, RN, Angel One Transport Council)
“On March 28, 2023, Angel One was called to your facility to transport a child when CHRISTUS St. Michael was tasked with caring for a sudden influx of patients, mostly pediatric, after a horrific head-on collision in your community. The effort we witness by your team clearly demonstrated a heart for patient care performance and medical excellence. Please accept our sincere thanks for your caring attitude and outstanding attention to the medical provision you give to our many patients as they transition from your caring hands to ours.”

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