Citizens Applaud New Boston, TX, Chief King’s Termination

The City Council of New Boston, Tx, votes to remove Chief of Police King. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)


During the New Boston, Texas, City Council special meeting held Friday, April 27, 2018, at noon, Chief of Police Tony King was fired for “Lack of Confidence.”  The termination comes after King inappropriately terminated Lieutenant Johnny Milwood without citing any reason.


King allegedly fired Milwood after he was confronted about his racist and inappropriate actions with the intentions to go public. After repeatedly refusing to reinstate Milwood’s F5 employment and rectify the situation, the council has taken direct action against King. Milwood is currently in the hospital after having heart complications yesterday evening.


The executive session lasted approximately five minutes before a decision was announced by the council to remove King. Citizens rejoiced as the council announced in the affirmative to remove King and temporarily elected Garry McCrary as Interim Acting Police Chief.

Citizens rejoice at the removal of King.
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Debra Williams, citizen of New Boston, Texas said, “King being terminated was a blessing because there is no room for racism and elitism.”

Former dispatcher, Cathy Dillard, explained that she resigned from her position years ago due to King’s actions, saying he called her several profane names.

Councilman Joe Dike said, “I have very good convictions about what happened today and it should have happened way sooner.”


Dike said he didn’t understand why councilman Turner objected the removal of King every step of the way.  Today, he is content that the council was unified in their vote and showed strength.


He explained that the council will thoroughly vet all applicants.  They want to find a replacement who will exemplify good character and a thorough history of being a team leader.


“We want someone who is good with the public and has integrity.”

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