City Council approves church signs


During Monday evening’s City Council meeting, council members approved to allow changeable electronic variable message signs for two large churches in Texarkana.

The community of Texarkana made their voices heard as many approached the podium in support of Landmark Pentecostal Church, as well as Church on the Rock. Almost every person articulated thoughts in support of the electronic signs, except for a couple of residents who expressed their concern with the approval of these new signs.

Gregory Torrence, a resident near Landmark Pentecostal Church, explained that his worry was for what would happen in the future if this permission was granted. Torrence’s concern would be that every business would request an electronic sign thus changing the look of Texarkana and overall affecting what is a historical district.

City Council attentively listened as citizens continued to reach the podium, among them was John Mitchell, a resident of Ward 3, who supported the new electronic sign at Landmark Pentecostal Church. Mitchell said “the new sign will only enhance the area,” he also explained that it would send a positive message to the community.

Also in favor was Mike Ulmer, a resident of Texarkana, Texas and member of Church on the Rock who explained the need for the new sign, as their old sign “is dull and uses 90’s technology.” Ulmer went on to say that the new sign “will be a great look for the community and as people drive down I-30, they will be able to see the sign and see that Texarkana is a progressive city.”

Many others followed Ulmer in agreeing that the sign would only improve the look of the community and it would serve as an asset to Texarkana, while also sending a positive message of faith to residents of Texarkana.

After 45 minutes which consisted of residents addressing the council and voicing their thoughts on the new signs, the council proceeded to vote. The council voted 5-to-1 in favor of electronic messaging signs at Landmark Pentecostal Church located on Texas Boulevard. The council followed with the unanimous vote to approve the Church on the Rock’s sign located on Mall Dr, off of Interstate 30.

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