City Makes Changes to Intersection at 40th Street and Texas Blvd. in Effort to Reduce Accidents


Changes are being made at the intersection of W. 40th Street and Texas Boulevard to help reduce traffic accidents.

According to Texarkana, Texas Police department the first change is that vehicles traveling east on W. 40th Street will no longer be able to turn right on a red light (south on Texas Blvd). Because of obstructions along Texas Blvd, you can’t see southbound vehicles until you are already out into the intersection.

Police say the second change involves the placement of the green arrow light for those driving south on Texas Blvd. During certain light cycles, you are permitted to turn right onto W. 40th Street without stopping. The problem is that the main lights would display a both red light and a green arrow. Many people involved in crashes there would say they saw the green arrow and believed they could safely continue into the intersection. To help eliminate some of that confusion, the green arrow is being removed from the overhead main lights and relocated to a smaller, separate turn indicator light on the support pole to the side of the road.

According to police they will  stop and issue warnings to violators for the next 30 days to allow drivers to become accustomed to these changes.

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