Classes for Parents with BIG Rewards: What First Choice Pregnancy Center is Offering Our Local Community


1st Choice Pregnancy Resource Center has been working in our local community for years providing parents with information, resources, support, and so much more. Throughout the year 1st Choice provides new parents and those with young children under the age of three with the opportunity to learn about caring for children, providing safe homes, and so much more in order to be successful through a series of classes held throughout the week. This August 1st Choice Pregnancy will be hosting a financial management class for parents around the Texarkana area that is completely free.

“Our new class that will begin in August will last for 5 weeks (every Wednesday in August) is titled Financial Stress. It will provide parents an opportunity to learn about budgeting, repairing their credit, and so many other tools in order to gain better financial knowledge and ground. Parents will also be challenged to do a five week saving contest, and at the end of the class will be able to decorate and create a piggy bank for their children,” said Kristie Wright Executive Director of 1st Choice Pregnancy Center.

Members from a local Texarkana bank will be helping lead the class along with volunteers from the community for parents in attendance. 1st Choice also offers parents an incentive program for those that attend classes. “When parents can attend the classes we give away mommy or daddy bucks, that allow the parents to go into our special closet and choose gifts. Clients earn $20 Baby Bucks each class session to spend in our store! Also, parents that attend 6 consecutive classes can earn bigger rewards such as car seats, pack-n-plays and so much more,” said Kristie.

1st Choice not only offers classes for our community parents, but they are also in need of volunteers willing to help host and lead classes for these parents. “We are really in need of volunteers that can help counsel our local parents, but also lead some of our classes. We understand that it can be a big commitment, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. We provide all of our volunteers with the proper training so they can feel successful working with those who come in, and can help them with resources to teach some of our classes,” said Kristie.

1st Choice Pregnancy Center is located at 602 Main St, Texarkana, TX 75501 in Downtown Texarkana. For more information on classes please check the guide below, call (903) 792-5735 or visit their website HERE.

Class Schedule:
Tuesday 10:30 Pregnancy
Tuesday 1:00 Baby Care
Wednesday 1:00 Bible Study for Moms
Thursday 1:00 Toddler Care
Thursday 5:30 Prepared Childbirth

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