Community Donations Allow for Record Breaking Animal Adoption Numbers


A record number of surrendered animals has created an overcrowding problem at the Animal Care and Adoption Center.


According to Adoption Center officer manager Bertha Curry 51 animals were surrendered on Monday alone. This left the shelter which can hold 200 with over 300 animals.

The community has taken note and donations have enabled a record number of adoptions to happen this week. According to Curry 65 adoptions have already taken place this week due to the normal adoption fee being waved.

Curry said in a normal week 10-15 animals get adopted.

Texarkana Friends of the Shelter started off the donations with $5,000, followed by Texarkana Animal League with $2,000, Bryce’s Cafeteria $500, Orr Hyundai $500, and Richardson Insurance of Wake Village $500.

According to Curry the donations should cover at least 20 more free adoptions.

Vicki Howard who adopted a chihuahua today told TXK Today that she was very thankful for the opportunity. “I’m a very loving person I love animals and I’m here to collect me one today.”

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