Community Rallies Together for Lifenet Paramedic

Jeff Hart

Lifenet paramedic, Shon Matthews, has been battling covid since September, 28th. His wife, Jennifer said, “he felt bad, like he had sinus or allergy issues, but it just got worse.” Shon decided to get tested, and the result was positive.

Shon has been with Lifenet since 2007 and started full-time in 2009. In 2016, he became a flight medic and promoted to operations manager.

In 2019, Shon was nominated by his colleagues and received the Star of Life from the American Ambulance Association. Karen Goodwin elaborated, “Shon is perfect. He is the best father, husband, and paramedic. Lifenet is a family, and Shon is a major part of that.”

According to Jennifer, the first days were not too bad. “Then he just got worse. His fever wouldn’t break, and he was coughing worse than I have ever heard him cough before.”

On October 8th, they went to the hospital. Shon has been there ever since. Although he is now covid free, he is fighting pneumonia brought on by the virus. “He is on a ventilator and is in critical but stable condition, and will probably be in the hospital a while,” said Jennifer .

The Lifenet family and Texarkana community have come together to raise money for his family. There are two donation pages on Facebook: Karen’s Faith Fundraiser
Nikki’s Faith Fundraiser

There is also a benefit planned for November 19th, at Capital Burger on Stateline. There will be a bake sale and a raffle for various prizes, and plenty of food.

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