Crystal Moon: Texarkana’s Local Holistic Shop


Sheila Lemley, owner and operator of Crystal Moon in Texarkana, fell in love with rocks and collecting stones as a young girl. Her love began when she was just five years old, and she has used her passion for mindfulness and healing to create a business dedicated to helping locals learn tools such as meditation, and holistic practices designed to attack anxiety, depression and so much more. Her store, Crystal Moon, sells everything from precious gems and stones, soaps, herbs, candles to so much more! The store has already expanded to its capacity twice now thanks to the support from local community members. “We are currently looking at a new location that will hopefully allow us to move to Downtown Texarkana. Fingers crossed we are able to grab the great location, because it would allow us to expand from our current 720 square foot location, to a 3,000 square foot storefront,” says Lemley.

Before starting her business, Lemley and her husband would travel out of town to buy products she could use at home to improve herself, but soon realized that there could be a niche for precious stones and gems, and so much more in the Texarkana area. “When we started this business I was hoping that we may get 300-400 followers. I would have been completely happy with just that. However, within a few months our follower base had multiplied tenfold! We never expected to be as popular as we are in this area. We realized quickly that using stones, herbs and other items to help heal ourselves holistically wasn’t widely talked about here, but it was widely practiced. Because of those individuals who have quietly kept to themselves we have been able to expand our business,” said Lemley.

Crystal Moon has a wide variety of stones, crystals and more!

“Our store focuses on the central idea of mindfulness. There is this thing called intentional healing, and when we focus our intent on the things within ourselves that need to heal inside of ourselves it’s called mindfulness. Mindfulness practices have been scientifically proven to help heal. Mindfulness is truly about being present in the moment, and being aware of our surroundings, while not letting ourselves go out into that negative abyss, especially since in this day and age it is so easy to do. However, we truly believe that it can be easier to be mindless than mindful. Which is why we are here to help anyone in our area who feels like they need guidance in working on being more mindful of themselves and their internal, and intentional healing,” said Lemley.

The Crystal Moon environment is truly something that has to be experienced in person. The atmosphere is calm, the music is serene, and it feels homey and welcoming to anyone who steps through their front door. “People love to come in here because they feel absolutely no judgement. We like to provide a peaceful place, where others can meet each other, and individuals can meet others who are very like minded. Some Saturday’s, it almost feels like we run a coffee shop, because so many people come in! You are always likely to see customers talking to one another, helping each other find what they think helps them best, and so much more. We love hearing others stories on how they have found healing through the use of setting mindfulness intentions into their stones, and how they share those experiences with others. It’s truly the most wonderful thing we could have wanted to come out of opening this location,” said Lemley.

Jewelry is also available for purchase at Crystal Moon.

“I am such an introvert,” said Lemley,”but I knew when I started this business, that I had something to offer the people in our community. I can relate to people on so many different levels, and sometimes people just want to find someone who can relate to them too. We all have our own paths to walk, and no two paths are ever the same. However, sometimes we do meet along the way, and that is how we can continue to help each other. I truly believe that what we put out into the world is what we are going to get back. So I strive to put as much positive energy out into the world. My entire goal with this business is to show others how to be positive, and how to use stones to be mindful about what within them needs healing, and then passing that along to others,” says Lemley.

While her business may sound strange to some, her practices and her deep appreciation for  the Texarkana community is shown throughout her store and her willingness to help the community. “We have several local businesses that come here and consign their items. Businesses like Hippie Mama, Smitten with Jess, Moon Maidens, and Pretty Dead Things, all have their items here to sell for the community. We want others who are like-minded in the community to be represented here, and we are so grateful to those small business owners who trust us to help promote and sell their handmade items,” said Lemley. “We truly just want to share our knowledge of holistic approaches with the community,” said Lemley.

Large selection of inventory to shop from!

Diagnosis of anxiety, depression and ADHD are common within our community, and Lemley and her store are working diligently to provide information and access to holistic treatments for those diagnosed. Instead of using medication, many seek treatment that takes a holistic approach such as diets, chiropracting, herbs and so much more.”We are here to help however we can! We want to offer everyone the knowledge, foundation, and understanding of what it is we can do to help healing occur through mindfulness and holistic approaches. We are much more than what we appear to be! Come on in, take a look, and bring your family,” said Lemley.

Crystal Moon is currently located at 6300 Richmond Road, Texarkana, Texas 75503. They are open Tuesday-Saturday. Weekday hours are 10AM-7PM, and on Saturday they are open from 10AM-5PM. “We are so hopeful that when we do open our new location, that we can expand by hiring other employees, and open our business everyday of the week! Be on the lookout for our new move, and follow us through our Facebook page,” said Lemley. *Please see your doctor or healthcare professional before seeking alternative holistic treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs.*

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