A&M-Texarkana Political Science Department Adds New Course: Public Health and Epidemiology


Texas A&M University-Texarkana’s Political Science Department is offering several classes during the fall semester that deal with current issues related to today’s political climate. Among these is a new course offering this year, Public Health & Epidemiology.

Public Health & Epidemiology introduces students to the principles and practices of epidemiology and the basic concepts and methods of biostatistics. The class emphasizes current principles and practices in the cause, prevention, and control of diseases in various community settings.

Other political science classes available for A&M-Texarkana students include courses that study political parties, public administration, and political ideologies. In Political Parties & Elections, students examine the historical development and contemporary nature of political parties in the United States. Exploration of the presidential election system covers the different aspects of the electoral process, including money/fundraising, the media, third parties, and possible reforms.

A popular class for career-minded students, Introduction to Public Administration & Leadership reviews public administration concepts and scholarship. It helps prepare students for careers in public service, city management, government agencies, education administration, and nonprofit organizations. Students often take this class in the fall semester and follow it with a political science internship during the spring.

Introduction to Political Ideologies surveys various ideologies from around the world, including liberalism, communism, fascism, socialism, conservatism, authoritarianism, African-American political thought, and gender ideologies. Students discuss and question related assumptions, justifications, and implications for political life.

“We work to make sure our classes are not only engaging and relevant but are also accessible for students and flexible to their needs,” said TAMUT Political Science Professor Gary Bugh. “Students often work at their own pace, submitting assignments online any time of day, making these courses ideal for working students and students with families.”

There is still time to apply and be admitted to the university for the fall 2020 semester. Interested students should apply and register for fall courses before August 24, the first day of the semester.

For information about applying to Texas A&M University-Texarkana, visit www.tamut.edu/admissions.
For more information about TAMUT’s bachelor’s degree in Political Science, go to www.tamut.edu/politicalscience.

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