Fourteen Texas High School Band Students Selected to Four States Bandmasters Association Honor Band

Front Row: Raven McCoy, Jalena McDermott, Hope McDonald, Gabby Reed, Macy Sloan, Connor Corbett, Carlos Penate. Back Row: Katarina Jordan, Josh Lauterbach, Kate Woodard, Jenna Woodard, Madisyn Points, Molly Laird. Not Pictured: Ana Moreno.

Fourteen Texas High School senior band students were selected to the Four States Bandmasters Honor Band based upon director recommendation and on their musical resume.

Selectees include: Connor Corbett; Katarina Jordan; Molly Laird; Josh Lauterbach; Carlos Penate; Madisyn Points; Raven McCoy; Jalena McDermott; Hope McDonald; Ana Moreno; Gabby Reed; Macy Sloan; Jenna Woodard; Kate Woodward.

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