Fuqua Family Endowed Scholarship Established at U of A Hope-Texarkana


Herndon-Fuqua Funeral Homes recently established the Fuqua Family Endowed Scholarship at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana. Preference for the scholarship is given to students pursuing a degree in Funeral Services at UAHT and interns or employees of Herndon-Fuqua or associated Funeral Homes.

“We are proud to support education through the U of A Hope-Texarkana,” said Vickers Fuqua, Owner. “It’s an honor to provide this scholarship to assist students in a successful future.”

Herndon-Fuqua Funeral Homes, owned by Texarkana Funeral Homes in Texarkana, Texas, has locations in Hope, Prescott, and Gurdon, Arkansas. Texarkana Funeral Homes currently own and operate three funeral homes in Texarkana, one in New Boston and another in DeKalb, Texas. In addition, they own Hillcrest Memorial Park and Memorial Gardens Cemetery, both perpetual care cemeteries in Texarkana, Hillcrest Crematory in Texarkana, and Unique Flowers and Gifts in Texarkana.

“The UAHT Foundation is blessed to have generous donors like Thomas and Vickers Fuqua,” said Anna Powell, UAHT Foundation Executive Director. “This substantial donation will no doubt enable many future students to achieve their dreams of earning a degree in the funeral services field. In turn, that degree will help them better provide for their families and become integral residents of our communities.”

For more information about scholarships at UAHT, call 870-722-8516 or visit http://www.uaht.edu/admissions/financial-aid/scholarships/

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