LEISD Board Meeting

The Liberty-Eylau School Board held their annual board meeting Thursday night, passing a bevy of items during their business portion of the meeting. The board heard from the elementary and middle campuses concerning their targeted improvement plans, teacher appraisers, appraisal calendar, 2021-2022 Student Code of Conduct, 2021-22 compensation plan, discipline grid and custodial supplies were items included during the board’s approval.
A small group of Liberty-Eylau community members have formed a PAC, which presented the idea of a bond proposal before the board for renovations at facilities targeted during our most recent facility assessment.
Liberty-Eylau Superintendent Ronnie Thompson echoed the board’s approval of items presented and also a bond proposal, which could go to vote on November 2, if passed by the school board.
“I applaud the board’s decision to move forward with the items presented,” Thompson said. “Collectively, we have all of our employees’ district-wide best interest first. We consider ourselves to be a progressive district, so competitive wages across the board goes without question. The LEISD community is a family, and family takes care of one another. Our mission is to continue building, to be a primier school district in the state of Texas. I also appreciate the enthusiasm of the LEISD PAC members. Our duty to equip all of our students with the resources to be successful remains the same. The passing of a bond in Novmber, is not only much needed, yet it’s long overdue. We have information from our meetings available on our district website. We want all of our students to habe cutting-edge resources and this is the first step in doing so. The LEISD administrators are looking forward to the start of the new school year, August 11, as we expect this to be a great school year for all of our Leopards.”
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