STEAM-Focused Programs Available at Klondike Leadership Academy


Educators at Klondike Leadership Academy are always looking for new ways to bring learning to life for their students. In August of 2019, Klondike Academy began offering STEAM curriculum to all students, including toddlers.

STEAM education is the integration of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. STEAM aims to provide authentic learning experiences that allow kids to explore, create and experiment with projects and activities centered around STEAM careers.

“How I like to think of it is just really creative hands-on learning,” said April Green, Director. “We even do it in our infant and toddler classes, it really picks up in toddlers,” she added. “Our after-school program does it as well and it advances every year they go on.”

Students at Klondike Academy will carry out experiments, create artistic masterpieces, engage in team activities, learn new technologies and see how art and science work in the real world. According to their website, the childcare facility focuses on activities in a variety of STEAM careers including chef, architecture, programmer, fashion designer, forensic expert, meteorologist and more.

Klondike Academy accepts enrollments year-round, according to Green. “Unless the classes are filled up, then of course we have a waiting list, but it’s a fairly easy process,” she said, adding that they have applications available in their office. “What we usually do is, if we have a parent that’s interested, we’ll schedule a time for them to come into the office and talk to us; talk to me and then whatever age range they’re looking at, we’ll grab the teachers and let them show them some of the things they do in the class,” said Green.

Klondike Academy’s educational programs, including tutoring services, are also available for children that are enrolled in the after-school program. For more information, visit Klondike Academy’s website or email April Green at

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