Texarkana College Announces the Appointment of Brandon Washington as Vice President of Operations


Texarkana College announces the appointment of Brandon Washington, Dean of Workforce and Community & Business Education Division, to the position of Vice President of Operations. In this role, Washington will begin collaborating with Rick Boyette, Director of Facilities, and Mike Dumdei, Vice President of Technology. In recent months, Boyette and Dumdei have discussed their intent to transition into retirement by 2022. TC President Dr. Jason Smith said both Boyette and Dumdei are committed to continuing in their current positions for now and plan to remain on staff in supporting roles after 2022.

“Rick and Mike wear many hats in their positions at Texarkana College and provide vital campus leadership,” said Smith. “The announcement of their desire to look toward retirement led to the decision to move Brandon into the VP of Operations position so that over the next couple of years he has an opportunity to work alongside these two men. When the time comes that Rick and Mike are ready to retire, this process will help ensure a seamless transition of leadership. As our campus grows and evolves, providing a continuous culture of excellence within our campus infrastructure is one of TC’s highest priorities.”

President Smith said the leadership shown by Boyette and Dumdei has been instrumental in student success and community trust.

“Rick was first hired as TC’s Construction Technology instructor in 2007 before being named as the Director of Facilities Services,” said Smith. “Since that time, he has led numerous campus-wide renovations and building projects. Rick is masterful at using his skills and talent to save the college millions of dollars in construction costs by providing in-house project management and labor. I look around our beautiful TC campus and see his contributions at every turn. The leadership Rick has provided through his supervision of construction projects and work with TC’s facilities staff is invaluable.”

Hired in 1991 as a computer technology instructor, Smith said Dumdei has a unique insight on the technology needs of everyone on campus− students, faculty, and staff.

“Mike’s knowledge of technology and attention to cybersecurity has provided TC with an information technology infrastructure envied by many organizations,” said Smith. “Mike is considered a leader in IT best practices by higher education professionals at peer institutions. His oversight in TC’s ERP conversion saved the college millions of dollars and provided a safe and secure technology platform for our students, faculty, and staff. When faced with the COVID 19 pandemic crisis, Mike and his team quickly and effectively transitioned the college’s operations and course delivery platforms into digital formats. I cannot thank Mike enough for the time, talent, and passion he has poured into his role as VP of Information Technology.”

Smith said when looking at ways to provide assurance that project oversight continues during Boyette’s and Dumdei’s transition into retirement, identifying a campus leader to provide continuity became a priority. Smith said Washington was selected to fulfill the role because of his success in managing projects and leading employees to achieve great success within his division.

“During Brandon’s time serving as the Dean of Workforce and Community & Business Education, he has been an integral part of the leadership team and has provided successful management of projects and employees along with valuable insight on facility and operational needs,” Smith said. “I am grateful for Brandon’s leadership and vision and I have confidence that his work within our community and with TC’s business partners will continue to play a key role in his new position.”

Washington said he is honored to serve in this position and looks forward to working alongside Boyette and Dumdei.

“This role provides a central point of oversight for campus operations and infrastructure,” Washington said. “TC has a large campus footprint and there are lots of projects underway within both the facilities and technology departments. Mr. Boyette’s and Mr. Dumdei’s skills and expertise are unmatched in our community and our region within their respective fields. As they look toward retirement, it is of utmost importance that we identify the skills and knowledge needed for the continuation of the successful operation of their departments and the projects underway throughout this transition.”

Washington will continue to serve in his current role as Dean of Community & Business Education Division along with assuming the new duties of VP of Operations.

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