Texas High School Band Students Earn Place in Freshman All- Region Honor Band

(Left to Right) Front Row: Tyler Unger, Reina Lenoir, Gracie Tucker, Jessie Garren, Nadia Dodson, Adam McCarter, Brett Sparks, Nick Nard. Back Row: Jonathan Jones, Riley White, Marlie Watson, Austin Barwick, Max Henry, Angel Ramirez Not pictured: Tahbri Johnson, Robert Weaver

During virtual auditions and recorded submissions, sixteen Texas High School Freshman Band students earned placement in the Texas Music Educators Association Freshman All-Region Honor Band.

They are: Reina Lenoir (1st Chair, Bass Clarinet); Angel Ramirez (1st Chair, Euphonium); Brett Sparks (1st Chair, Horn); Nadia Dodson (2nd Chair, Flute); Tahbri Johnson (2nd Chair, Euphonium); Jonathan Jones (2nd Chair, Tuba); Adam McCarter (2nd Chair, Alto Saxophone); Nick Nard (3rd Chair, Trumpet); Gracie Tucker (3rd Chair, Bass Clarinet); Robert Weaver (4th Chair, Tuba); Tyler Unger (5th Chair, Trumpet); Riley White (5th Chair, Clarinet); Jessie Garren (6th Chair, Percussion); Max Henry (7th Chair, Percussion); Marlie Watson (8th Chair, Clarinet); Austin Barwick (9th Chair, Trumpet).

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