Eventful Saturday in Dogwood Lake


TXK Today reported on two events Saturday in the Dogwood Lake area.

First what was reported to be a brush fire but appeared to be a vehicle burning off Lakeridge Drive. Original Story

About an hour and half later a home 1,000 feet away was broken into.  Original Story 

It seems awfully coincidental for these two events to happen so close together, in time and distance, to not be linked.

I have gone back through every second of footage I shot at the fire and I don’t see the home invasion suspect anywhere.  But there is one shot that has both the fire and the home that is about to be broken into in it.

Fire & Home Invasion Location (top left)

When asked for comments TTPD Sergeant Brower advised that all fires are investigated by Texarkana,TX Fire Department.  Two TTPD officers were quickly on scene at the fire though.

Lisa Thompson, Pubic Information Officer for Texarkana, TX, responded to a request for comment with the following

The case is under criminal investigation by the fire department and is suspected to be arson. Since it’s under investigation, we can’t release any details at this time.

Take a look at the video for yourself.

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