EZ Mart burglary suspects busted by alert DPS trooper


According to TTPD all the suspects involved in the EZ Mart burglary have been identified.

A Texas DPS Trooper stopped a vehicle going north on I-35 last night in Hillsboro for a traffic violation. While speaking to the driver, he noticed cartons of cigarettes, lotto tickets, gloves and a sledge hammer in the car. Realizing that something was not right, he made a point of identifying everyone in the vehicle.

TTPD says everyone in the car is from the Fort Worth area.

After the stop, the trooper started looking on the internet to see if he could find anything about a recent crime involving the theft of a large quantity of cigarettes and found the pictures of the suspects. He immediately realized that they were the same people that he had just dealt with.

The tropper contacted TTPD and warrants have been issued for all three people. Police expect those warrants to all be served very soon.

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