Free Parenting Classes, Prizes, Counseling, Pregnancy Tests and More at 1st Choice Pregnancy Center

1st Choice September Class Schedule

1st Choice Pregnancy Center has been in the Texarkana area for years, providing a wide variety of resources to those in our area seeking help. 1st Choice prides themselves in their care and compassion for mothers and fathers of all ages, by using their mission to help encourage, educate and counsel those who may be in a pregnancy crisis. “1st Choice is a completely pro-life center here in the Texarkana area. We provide services such as parenting classes for mothers and fathers, from having babies all the way to toddlerhood. We also provide peer counseling throughout pregnancy that helps new parents and even second or third time parents learn. We ensure that we are here to answer questions about parenting, childbirth and more for those coming to visit us, so they feel more prepared and ready to take on the role of parenting at any stage and age,” said Director of 1st Choice Kristie Wright.

“Our number one priority is to provide our parents with information and options. We do not facilitate adoptions here at the center. However, those who are interested in making an adoption plan can come to us, and we can provide them with resources including counseling, advice and information on nearby adoption agencies. We want to ensure anyone who comes to us feels safe if help is needed,” said Kristie.

1st Choice has a monthly calendar filled with different classes and events. Parents in our area who are seeking resources, help and information can come to a wide variety of classes with topics ranging from how to care for your baby when they first come home, all the way to bathing, general infant information, toddler care, and even childbirth classes. “Outside of the childbirth classes we have a huge library of lessons that we can pick and choose from. Not every class is going to look the same. Some people come in with specific needs and wants in regards to information, and we are able to tailor our classes to meet the needs and questions that our pregnant community of mothers and fathers want to learn more about,” said Wright.

While 1st Choice has many different class options for parents in our area, they also provide rewards and incentives to parents who continue to come to classes. “We have a Mommy Store at the center where parents can earn mommy bucks and rewards to purchase items such as car seats, strollers, diapers and more. Parents can earn these rewards to use in the store simply by coming to our classes, and receiving the care and education to help them be successful in their parenting journey,” said Wright. For many, becoming parents and learning that they are pregnant can cause extreme fear and hopelessness. 1st Choice is a free resource here in the Texarkana area that provides support and encouragement for parents of any age.

One way 1st Choice has continued to meet the needs of our growing community of expectant mothers and fathers, is with their newly designed mobile unit Leah. Leah is expected to be up and running by the end of this month, once their new sonogram machine comes in. Leah will be traveling across Texarkana and surrounding communities including DeKalb, Fouke, Atlanta, and New Boston. The mobile unit will allow 1st Choice to provide pregnancy testing, sonograms and peer counseling to those in our local communities who don’t have the means to make it into town to visit the Center. Leah will be on the road in the next few weeks. “We are going to try to create a schedule so that people in our communities are aware of when we will be there, however, we have to start slowly. We need to make sure we work out all the kinks, and to ensure that the need for Leah is there for certain communities,” said Kristie.  Leah has her own Facebook page, Look for Leah, where people will be able to follow her.

1st Choice Pregnancy Center is located at 602 Main St, Texarkana, TX 75501, and is open Tuesday- Friday from 10AM-4PM, but is open to 7PM on Thursdays, primarily for classes. To make an appointment you can call 1st Choice at 903-792-5735, or you can visit their website to schedule an appointment. If you are having a crisis and are in need of advice while the center is closed you can call or text 1-800-712-HELP. You can always email or message the center through their Facebook page on weekends or days they are closed to receive help and advice from those monitoring the sites


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